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    3" Rear Leaf Springs Complete Kit

    We've combined a pair of Zone Offroad 3″ replacement Jeep Cherokee XJ...

    • Mfg: Zone Offroad #J0308k
    • Everyday Low Price $316.05
    • Usually ships by next business day
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    • 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ w/ Chrysler 8.25 4WD Gas
    • 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ w/ Dana 35 4WD Gas

Why Zone Offroad Products?

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Truck Accessory Liquidators is the worlds largest distributor of the fastest growing off-road suspension company in the industry. Zone Offroad Products has engineered and built a complete line of premium lift kits, leveling kits, body lifts, shocks, builder parts,and off-road accessories designed to fit your budget.

TAL4x4.com stocks the complete Zone Offroad Products line and we ship the same day if you order by 1:00 EST. All other orders will be shipped from our warehouse within 24 hours.

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