JKS Driver Side Steering Brace - Jeep XJ Cherokee

JKS Driver Side Steering Brace - Jeep XJ Cherokee JKS Driver Side Steering Brace - Jeep XJ Cherokee
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JKS Driver Side Steering Brace - Jeep XJ Cherokee

FAB Parts

Designed specifically for do-it-yourself projects and custom applications, JKS FAB Parts are structurally engineered, pre-fabricated and ready for installation! Perfect for those who lack the time or experience to fabricate professional quality, custom-made components. FAB Parts will help you save time and money on your next project, while achieving results simply not possible without your own private machine shop!

FAB Parts are supplied in raw, unfinished form and may require grinding and/or welding to install. FAB Parts are not provided as a kit, and no instructions are included or available. Although most were created for a specific purpose in mind, FAB Parts easily adapt to countless other functions.

The JKS Steering Brace System reinforces the Jeep Cherokee unibody at the steering gear mount, where the chassis is most vulnerable to failure. It was originally developed for us by leading Jeep Cherokee expert, Mark Hinkley, one of the industry's most experienced individuals in the effects of off-road use on the unibody chassis.

Laser-cut chassis plates are supplied for the inner and outer chassis rail, along with special sleeves that tie both plates together and provide additional support for the steering gear. The chassis plates and sleeves must be welded to the vehicle's chassis, as a bolt-on design could not possibly provide the same level of integrity and fitment.

The JKS Steering Brace System also helps distribute loads properly on vehicles with a winch or heavy front bumper. The additional support even strengthens the mounting location for the OE tow hook and repositions it for improved off-road clearance.

For the ultimate upgrade, our Steering Brace System is available for the driver and passenger side chassis rails in one complete kit. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Cherokee owners can also benefit from a noticeable improvement in steering response and feel.

Product Features

  • Rigid chassis plates reinforce most vulnerable section of chassis to prevent failure of vital steering function
  • Provides additional steering gear support necessary for large tires and off-road conditions
  • Ensures proper load distribution during winching and recovery operation particularly important on unibody vehicles
  • Improves integrity of winch and bumper mounts, and strengthens and repositions OE tow hook provision for improved off road clearance
  • Prevents the need for crude or expensive repair of steering gear mount common with failure on the trail
  • Replaces corrosive and failure prone steering gear hardware with quality, long-lasting materials

Important Notes

  • Installation requires welding.
  • Driver side only.

This product fits the following applications:

  • 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 86-92 Jeep Comanche MJ
Application by vehicle year

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Manufacture Warranty Information

  • All warranty claims must be directed to JKS Manufacturing, Inc. directly, as dealers and distributors of JKS products are not authorized to make judgments on any warranty issues. JKS Manufacturing, Inc. stands behind its engineering and workmanship 100%, and warrantees all JKS products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials prior to installation. JKS Manufacturing, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any altered product, improper installation, or improper use of our products. JKS products are intended for off-road use only. Because of the heavy duty environment in which JKS products are used, it is not possible to warranty or guarantee the performance of any item, nor can we accept responsibility for breakage or failure. JKS Manufacturing, Inc. disclaims any expressed or implied warranties, and we disclaim any liability for actions resulting from failure or parts durability. JKS products and those manufactured by others may be subject to an infinite variety of conditions due to the manner in which they are used, serviced and/or installed. Purchasers and users of such products rely upon their own judgment as to the suitable use, selection, service, and installation.

Product fits the following applications

  • 1984 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1985 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1986 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1987 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1991 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1992 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1993 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 1986 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1987 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1988 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1989 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1990 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1991 Jeep Comanche MJ
  • 1992 Jeep Comanche MJ
JKS Driver Side Steering Brace - Jeep XJ Cherokee
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