Daystar Long Stinger Bump Stop 11.25" ext. 7" col.

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Daystar Long Stinger Bump Stop 11.25" ext. 7" col.

Effective suspension travel control is a critical element to all off-road suspension systems. Conventional bump stops may be acceptable for stock street applications, but off-road enthusiasts need something tunable and much stronger than conventional stops. Daystar's Stinger Bump Stops now offer total suspension control in one affordable package.

Inspired by race bump stops that are used in many different off-road niches, Daystar Stinger Bump Stops use Daystar's revolutionary EVS foam technology. EVS is a microcellular foam material that is available in two different densities. EVS has a true progressive spring rate and is designed to be cycled thousands of times without degrading. Each Stinger Bump Stop can carry between one and three EVS foam inserts, allowing the user to easily adjust the firmness of the Bump Stops.

Combine the different densities of the EVS material available with the adjustability of the Stinger piston shaft, and you have a bump stop that can be adapted to all needs and uses. The outer shell of the Stinger is machined from heavy gauge tubing, while the bronze guide for the piston shaft ensures long life. Thanks to the overall design, Stinger Bump Stops are fully rebuildable. Best of all, Stinger Bump Stops are a fraction of the cost of nitrogen-charged bump stops while offering the same performance attributes.

Daystar Stinger Bump Stops are sold in pairs or indivdually, in two different lengths, making them adaptable to just about any vehicle. They also work with most racing-style "bump can" mounts, while weld-on and bolt-on mounts are available separately.

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    • 'Comfort Ride' Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty: DAYSTAR will replace or exchange 'Comfort Ride' components found to be defective in materials or workmanship as well as bushings and other parts subject to wear in routine service for so long as your 'Comfort Ride' system is properly installed on a single vehicle of customer's choice. DAYSTAR may require proof of purchase and vehicle installation as a condition of this Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty.
    • DAYSTAR will repair, replace materials or parts of other products found defective in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from date of retail purchase, except off road light bulbs which are covered for ninety (90) days from date of first purchase.
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    • Theft, vandalism, or other intentional damage.
    LIMITED WARRANTY Continued Remedy Limited to Repair/Replacement. The exclusive remedy provided hereunder shall, at DAYSTARTM option, be either repair or replacement of product or parts covered under this limited warranty. Customers requesting warranty consideration should contact DAYSTARTM to obtain an RGA number. All removal, shipping and installation costs are customer's responsibility. Other Limitations/Your Rights Under State Law.
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    • Some states do not allow limiting how long an implied warranty lasts or to exclude or limit incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations and exclusions described above may not apply to you.
Daystar Long Stinger Bump Stop 11.25" ext. 7" col.
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